Harry Jones downtownHarry Jones is a fighter

He has dedicated more than 35 years to fighting for the people he served as a county manager and in numerous other public administration positions. Jones is well regarded for his leadership skills and for hiring talented employees to build and strengthen organizations. During his career, he created a valuable network of top business and government executives throughout the country. Jones built a reputation as a leader who fought for the citizens he served and for leaving his organizations in strong financial positions.

Jones is also fighting for his life. In 2011, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The diagnosis, while shocking, has only strengthened his resolve to keep fighting.

His goal as a consultant is to implement policies that will strengthen an organization’s future. Charting a stronger future requires change, which is often met with resistance. Whether he is enduring intense media scrutiny, employee skepticism or treatment for pancreatic cancer, Jones does not give up. As the founder of Harry Jones Consulting, Jones will work to ensure his clients make the best decisions in organizational development and strategic planning for their long-term sustainability and growth.